User Scenario

User scenarios are specific narratives of a personas in the context of your product. They were essential to our design process as it ensured that we were answering Finbarr and Mary’s needs by framing them in the context of using the app so we.  So in our project, our scenario for Finbarr, our primary persona was the following:

User scenario for Finbarr

Screenshot 2016-10-26 22.39.22.png

 It’s a Friday evening and Finbarr is driving home from work, the troubles of his life at work are slowly lifting from his mind. As Finbarr is reaching home things he needs to do at home start to circle through his mind. With his baby on the way the nursery needs to be done, the playroom for his 3 year old needs attention. Items like these Finbarr and his wife would shop for at Ikea, but there’s nothing he dislikes more than a whole day wasted at Ikea, the crowds, the search for parking, fitting everything in his car, his 3 year old getting impatient etc… When Finbarr arrives home he takes his tablet and opens the Ikea app, he taps on furniture and scrolls to childrens furniture. He taps on furniture for the nursery and chooses the option for trying furniture in the room. He points the tablet to a cleared out space in the room. Finbarr is able to see the furniture as though it was actually in the room, scaled precisely to size. With a tap of the finger and a few gestures he is able to arrange the furniture in the room. He takes a snap-shot which gets saved to his favourites, so that he can discuss the options with his wife. Once the options are discussed he can purchase the items and have them delivered to his home using the app. The app also makes suggestions for anything else he might need based on his selection. Finbarr’s time off is now freed to spend time with his family, visit friends and get odd jobs done around the house.

User scenario for Mary

Screenshot 2016-10-28 10.16.33.png

Mary is at home at her kitchen table relaxing over a cup of tea. She begins to look around and thinks of things she’d like to change in the house. Mary loves to toy with new ideas for interior design, or to have a fresh new feel in the house. Mary loves Ikea, spending the day looking around and getting new ideas for storage and keeping the house tidy. Her children are getting older and stuff just seems to be scattered everywhere. Mary takes out her ipad and opens the ikea app. She looks for bedroom furniture and begins to save items to her favourites which she’s able to group into where in the house it would belong. Mary is then able to check the suitability of the item for each room in the house. Often times mary chooses to take a trip to ikea taking her ipad with her, using the app is just so she can feel inspired.