Ikea’s Existing Mobile App

Unpacking the problem

To redesign the Ikea app effectively we first need to understand the problem at hand. In this blog post I have critically analysed the biggest problems with the existing app and given some recommendations.

Existing app

When given the initial brief of (re)designing the Ikea app the obvious place to start was identifying the main issues with the existing app. It quickly became apparent of the main problems with the app and some of the issues were the following:

App download & initial launch



Initial app download is slow and takes up a lot of memory on mobile. In some instances the app failed to load altogether, only presenting a blank white screen to the user. The user becomes confused and doesn’t know if the app is frozen or still loading. This breaks Nielsen’s first heuristic, visibility of system status. Feedback should be given to the user with clear information if an error occurs within the app.




Inefficient use of home screen real estate. Over half the screen is taken up with the cover the brochure. According the (Nielsen, 1995) It fails on the consistency and standards principle since it lacks any persistent navigation across different views.


On-boarding experience

A poor on-boarding experience can confuse the user in initial use of the app. In addition to this the information that would be very helpful to the user is hidden away in a help section. This breaks Nielsen’s tenth heuristic on help and documentation.

Heuristic Evaluation: Again, this does not answer the safety usability goal as

Suggested Solution: Incorporate welcome screen that would serve as a walkthrough on initial app launch. We came up for a solution for this in our prototype that you can see here




Nielsen, J. (1995, January 1). 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design. Retrieved from https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics/