Prototype iteration 1

We put together our first prototype iteration in the first week of the project. Even though a lot of the flows and individual screens changed dramatically, the general concept remained more or less the same.

The prototype was designed around the concept of bringing the showroom experience in-store shopping to the user in their homes.  So we knew that an immersive experience would be essential for the user to want to use the app.

We started the prototype by thinking of what the initial view for the app would look like. We settled on have a extremely simple home screen with a very small amount of options.

The another thing that he had to figure out was at what stage can you browse and furniture. After much discussion whether it was better to make the user create a room first or allow for product browsing, we looked to our persona, Finbarr to validate our decision. With in the context of the user scenario we agreed that the flow of the app should be to first create a room and then shop for items. In Finbarr’s case, his time is limited and he wants to be able view products and make sure the will fit his room that he is buying furniture for.

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Concept refinement

Initially, our end goal for this prototype was to be able to create shopping list and share the personalised 3D room. Through discussion among the team and initial feedback from Mary and Stefan, we decided that user flow was not complete enough to answer the needs of our persona Finbarr and that it the end goal of using this app would be that Ikea products are bought.

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