Reflection post

Being our first project in this course, I am generally very happy how we did this project. From the start to end we worked closely as team in getting all aspects of the project complete.


Our approach on this project was to for everyone to work on everything for as much as they could.

On reflection I think we could have done a better job delegating tasks earlier on. In the beginning of the project we all worked on creating personas which then turned out to make more work for ourselves as we had sort through the 6 personas and create 2 more personas from this information. Had we delegated the task to two of us to create one persona each we would have had more time to focus on the scenarios and the prototype itself.

That said when it came to the final week of the project we naturally knew what our jobs were. Since we established that Mariana was a fantastic illustrator we delegated the task of drawing the final prototype. Fran and I worked on recording the prototype demo as Mariana wasn’t available that day and as I wasn’t going to be in class the Tuesday before the presentation, I was given the job of setting up the slides for the Wednesday.

We all had some sort of commitment outside of the project that we had to work around but no point did it slow down the project because we were happy to pick up the ropes  we’ll someone was away or needed to focus on another aspect of the project.


I’m very happy with how our team collaborated. From the very beginning we were in constant discussion via Slack or on Google Hangouts, worked on and shared documents on Google Drive and used prototyping tool, Invision to share our individual prototype ideas.

Exploration of early stage ideas

In our first meeting as a team we brainstorming some very diverse and interesting ideas but felt we disregarded some of the ideas prematurely. Had we spent some time individually exploring our own ideas further we could up with things that might have fed into the final prototype to make it better. We later revisited some of those ideas to show the thought we put into the app, even the parts we said we out of the scope of the prototype.

Since we worked hard early on the in the project we had time to revisit some original ideas aren’t necessary for the core app experience.

Defining the scope early on

I think we struggled initially with the scope of the project. In the initial feedback we got from Mary & Stefan we realised that the scope of our app was far too small and we focused too much on features rather than a holistic solution. From there, I think we brought into too many of our own ideas which lead to far too many user journeys and very large scope to work with. Had we used a UX method such as card sorting to vote on features we were going to explore we would have had more time to focus on the prototype iterations and user testing.

Designing for our persona

Not constantly referring to ‘Finbarr’ when design but rather just saying the user. This was particularly apparent in our prototype demo.

Validate our design decisions with real users.

I am very happy that we able to test our prototype after our first iteration. By carrying out on a user test at the weekend we were about to analyse and document the improvements that caused the biggest problems. Because we were able to test early on we could spend more time working on making the prototype better.

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