Project Presentation

Group 3

MSc in User Experience Design Year 1 – Interaction Design

Alan Duffy, Rachel Elder, Ray O’Neill

Group 3 Slide Show – Irish Rail

YouTube Videos of Tasks

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Written Tasks

Task 1 – Booking an open return

Can you book an open return train journey from Cork to Galway. Please select the outward journey on a Friday 20th evening after 4.30pm and select the fastest train.

For seat options please choose a seat with a socket, by a window in a quiet carriage.

Task 2 – Previously saved details

Can you book and train journey from Cork to Galway using previously saved Details.

Task 3 – Check live times

Can you check the the live times for the Galway to Cork train and make sure that the trains are running on time.

Task 4 – Check times only and save journey

Can find how you you check the times for the Cork to Galway train on a Friday afternoon and return on the Sunday evening. Select the times that you would travel ( need to be after 4.30pm in both instances) and save that journey for late.