1. Project Intention + Planning


For this project for the UX & Visual Design module we are required to design a high-fidelity prototype that addresses the problem area that we choose. I will be taking the brief presented by Frontend.com on societal challenges facing remote populations. For this brief we are asked to look at issues that those living in rural areas face.

Areas of Interest

Some of the areas that I am interested in focusing on are the:

  • News media and the ‘filter bubble’ divide.
  • Loneliness & Depression
  • Providing better online government services to rural dwellers, i.e. Online DOLE system.
  • Youth unemployment and enterprise encouragement.

Prototype intentions

The prototype that I make will most likely be a for a native mobile app or mobile website. I am particularly interested in designing for iOS and the design constraints of the Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). Software-wise, I am interested in experimenting with the following software to create the interactive prototype: Sketch, Adobe XDInvision, Framer.js, Flinto & Principle. I hope that by the end of this project, I will have at least some experience working will some of these above prototyping tools.

Project Timeline

Since we really only have six weeks to complete to until hand-up, time management will be hugely important in this project. I have created a Gantt Chart which will outline what intend to work on each week of this project. Each week will be dedicated to a different phase of the project. This of course is due to change depending on the scope of the project I undertake.  I have allowed for one week of research which although isn’t a requirement for this for the UX and Visual Design brief but will be needed for the Frontend.com brief. In addition, I have factored in time for the position paper and the blog documentation for this project.  The breakdown is as follows:

Title Start Due Duration Status
Blog Write up 02/03/2017 15/04/2017 45d In Progress
Discovery Phase 02/03/2017 08/03/2017 7d In Progress
Research Phase 08/03/2017 15/03/2017 6d Not Started
Ideation / Sketching 15/03/2017 21/03/2017 7d Not Started
Position Paper 19/03/2017 08/04/2017 21d Not Started
Prototype v1 22/03/2017 29/03/2017 8d Not Started
User Testing 29/03/2017 03/04/2017 6d Not Started
Prototype v2 03/04/2017 08/04/2017 6d Not Started
Project Video Presentation 10/04/2017 15/04/2017 8d Not Started
Project Handup 16/04/2017 45d Not Started

You can see the Gantt chart below:

Timeline from 2017-03-03 to 2017-04-17.png
Gannt Chart that I created for this project using Wrike

In the next post

In the next post I will document my work carried out in the discovery phase of this project and attempt to identify a specific area of focus for this project. I will also, outline what I brought to the meeting with Frontend.com and document feedback that they will have given me.