2. Project Introduction

For this project I will be taking the Frontend.com on Societal Changes facing Remote populations.  Within this brief, the are of focus will be Employment, industry and income.It’s well known that that employment is down rural areas [REF] and for the people that have jobs, they rural workers earn less than their urban counterparts. In theory, there is no reason why jobs cannot be done remotely, especially in the area of technology. However, in light of what we saw happen in american presidential election, there blatantly is lack of work being done in this area.

The angle I am taking for this brief, is to look how the experience of a young person seeking the services of Social Welfare Protection can be improved. In addition, I would like to look at the current job seekers landscape to understand the full user journey of a job seeker, from the day they first interact with a Social protection office to when he/she Signs on for Job seeker allowance to the day they get employment or training either through the FÁS (Intreo) scheme or  goes on to further training.  Even though, the viewpoint will be primarily from the Job Seeker’s perspective, it will also be important to understand the major pain points of the Social officer, who’s job it is to give advice to job seekers and help them get back to employment.  By looking it the problem from both perspectives, a solution could be derived which could bring a better service to the Job Seeker and in-return make the job of a Social Welfare Officer much easier.

Desk Research

Main issues / common theme

1. Lack of quality time spent with job officer

“In the couple of meetings I have had with FÁS and Social Welfare I don’t think in the relatively short time available, and mindful of all the data they need to collect “ (NYCI, 2010)

2. Lack of awareness of the information & services that are already available

“You spend at least half of each meeting providing information that you provided at the last meeting…It’s a complete waste of time and it’s more than a little insensitive…..” Young job seeking early school leaver (Semi-Urban)

2. Frustrations with Social Welfare as a Service

taken from “YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN IRELAND– THE FORGOTTEN GENERATION, National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI), 2010”

  • ‘50% of survey respondents do not use 10 of the most popular online public services, preferring instead to use the phone or visit an office in person.’ Clearly there is a lot to be done to encourage Irish citizens to use online public services. The research also found that public sector bodies.

‘The Lived Experience of People in Ireland using Online Public Services’, AMAS on behalf of universaldesign.ie 2012

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In the Next Post

In the next post, I will outline the initial (desk) research that I carried out in the discovery stage of this project and I will share some insights that I have found interesting in the area of youth unemployment in rural Ireland.