Content Strategy for Mobile

When we talk about content strategy for mobile, we’re also not talking about delivering content to serve the “mobile con- text.” “Mobile” seemingly implies motion, mobility – Karen Mc Grane

Adaptive Content

Adaptive content is a way to think beyond the platform. It puts your content at the center of your strategy and publish-ing process, right where it belongs. {CITE MC GRANE}

Packages not page

Content on mobile shouldn’t be buried in pages where it exists currently on traditional websites, instead. Thought should be give to how certain content should be surfaced to user depending on that context.


The Process

  1. Define your strategy, and put a plan in place
  2. Audit your content and edit where necessary
  3. Add more structure to your content

Instead of writing pages of content, you’ll develop an information architecture of content chunks that you can recombine in different ways. In addition, Halvorson & Rach (2012) state by dissecting this content by way of a content audit, tags can be created and applied to the content so that it will make the content more findable on the app or website.

Competitor analysis

  1. Availability
  2. Global Navigation
  3. Wayfinding
  4. Reading Experience
  5. Content Formatting
  6. Media
  7. Search



When you take a content inventory, you take an objective look at the content assets you have to work with. A content inventory is a quantitative assessment of your content.

  • Use Representative sampling
Unique ID Site Section Page ID Page URL CO/PO Date Expiry Date Keywords Rank no. CMS template
1 employment 1 ~ ~ Dole, employment, welfare, intreo, social-welfare 1

Revisions for content

  1. plain language
  2. Objective language
  3. Be concise
  4. Write headlines as links
  5. Write the first sentence as summary
  6. Inverted pyramid
  7. One topic per paragraph
  8. Highlight keywords