What is Captology?

Capotology is the fancy word for the study of computers as persuasive technologies. In essence, it is the study of behavioural design, research, ethics and analysis of technology. Changing a behaviour of a user could be as small as clicking a button or as big as changing their habit throughout the day. When taking on… Continue reading What is Captology?


Content Strategy for Mobile

When we talk about content strategy for mobile, we’re also not talking about delivering content to serve the “mobile con- text.” “Mobile” seemingly implies motion, mobility - Karen Mc Grane Adaptive Content Adaptive content is a way to think beyond the platform. It puts your content at the center of your strategy and publish-ing process,… Continue reading Content Strategy for Mobile

Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HUIG)

iOS Design Principles For this project I am choosing to design an Apple iOS 10 app. As part of this, I will be following the iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HUIG) and will utilise establish UI pattern that exist in iOS to do so. In addition, I will set out to follow the Apple's core design principles for… Continue reading Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HUIG)

Designing for the user with Scenarios & Personas

User Personas Persona development is a model that aims to encapsulate the qualitative data about our target user (Cooper, 2004).  Personas are an actionable image that act as a reference for designers that help them to guide them in making decisions when designing software. They illustrate various information about their target user in ways that… Continue reading Designing for the user with Scenarios & Personas