Project Presentation

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Project Design process

Initial Sketching & Ideation Like most every user experience design project, we kicked off with some initial ideation and sketching. Persona creation Once we had a decided on the area of the app that we wanted to redesign we then started working on our personas. We kicked this process off with a Google hangout. The hangout… Continue reading Project Design process

Prototype iteration 2

  Refined end goal After evaluating our initial iteration, the realised that the end goal needed to change. We brainstormed some ideas and revisited some original ideas. The upshot of this was the introduction of the shopping checkout and full payment journey. New screens Because our original customer journey changed we needed to create some… Continue reading Prototype iteration 2

Prototype iteration 1

We put together our first prototype iteration in the first week of the project. Even though a lot of the flows and individual screens changed dramatically, the general concept remained more or less the same. The prototype was designed around the concept of bringing the showroom experience in-store shopping to the user in their homes.  So… Continue reading Prototype iteration 1